Hybrid Solar Tree

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Why solar trees?
Factors that make the solar trees stand out:

  • Efficient design: In situations where space is a constraint, solar trees provide an option for installing multiple layers of solar panels while maximizing the efficiency of the available area.
  • They look great: The solar tree design is efficient and strikingly appealing. Compared to the way standard solar panels are laid out, solar trees look a lot more aesthetically pleasing. The sight of a tree-shaped solar installation can be quite pleasing to the eyes.
  • Flexibility and compatibility: Solar panel trees can serve as an excellent option for properties where solar roofing is not an option. They are also available with automatic sun tracking and in-built cleaning mechanisms.
  • Potentially enhanced electricity output: There are certain solar tree designs that claim to produce a substantially higher amount of electricity when compared to standard solar panels covering the same surface area.
  • Agam photovoltics is the Manufacturer of Smart Portable Solar Power Tree Model Range from 500 watt – 10kw.
  • Smart Solar Power Tree: In Agam Photovoltics solar trees, PV panels, or cells are arranged in a Fibonacci series pattern instead of leaves. The solar tree produces more power than a conventional flat arrangement of solar cells.
  • Solar Tree for Homes: A Single Solar tree can generate up to 10 KW which can work for the entire home. Looks very beautiful in front of the home with an attractive design. The solar Tree concept is a big step to reduce electricity bills and to make your home beautifully.
  • Solar Tree for Parks, Industrial Areas, Public Places: Multiple Solar trees can be placed to produce more energy which will play an important role to reduce the space and also bring an astonishing look for your location which will add value to the quality of your work.

The Life expectancy

The solar panels typically would last for a minimum of 25 years depending on the weather conditions and maintenance. However, during this period, you have contributed substantially to the environment by not producing toxic effluents. The benefits are far more than the disadvantages.

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